Our offer for horseback riding

Our lovely and reliable, but also hot-blooded arab and berber riding horses live in modern and generous oriental styled stables and big paddocks. They are taken care of by an experienced and lovingly team. Riding is at your own risk.

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Our further offerings

We offer a wide array of activities for recreation and relaxation in Tunisia:

Horseback riding at the seaside – Whether guided rides on the beach, riding lessons with a guide or a trail through the Sahara – Domaine El-Manar is the perfect starting point for your riding holidays in Tunisia.

Hiking by the sea – We offer hiking with our donkey Chagallo or the Dromenad Hannibal. One of our tour guides will be happy to show you around 50km of hiking trails by the sea.

Bathing holidays – Enjoy your bathing holidays in a quiet atmosphere in an olive grove away from the tourist fortresses.

Bike Tour – Explore the surroundings by bicycle and learn about Hessi Djerbi, Sangho or Zarzis.

Quad safaris
Sahara Excursions – From the farm we organize excursions by coach to the surroundings or excursions through the Sahara.

Kite surfing base in Hessi-Djerbi – Surf in the brand new Hessi Djerbi base in our vicinity with ideal wind conditions over several kilometers of natural beach kite.

Wellness & Beauty – Let your soul dangle with our wellness offer in the courtyard and feel a magical, quiet and loving place again your own senses. Our horses will help you get back the curves.

Trail “Sleepless in the Sahara” with Amara and Aymen – Discover the Sahara in 5 days of riding and ride under the German-French leadership from the steppe of Meknassy to Sahara Douz. Contact us for the detailed program of the trail.